Crowdfunding for Nonprofit Causes

crowdfunding for nonprofits

Engage with Your Donors

Crowdfunding has changed fundraising forever and has quickly become one of the most effective and affordable forms of digital marketing.

Platforms such as GoFundMe it easy to spread the word about your cause and develop valuable relationships with donors.

A well-executed crowdfunding campaign will provide many benefits such as – building relationships with beneficiaries and donors, quickly building empathy for your cause, “going viral” because of the inherent sharing dynamic of the social media and online crowdfunding process. Extensive research on traditional nonprofit fundraising can extend the effectiveness of online crowdfunding.

GoFundMe makes it easy to micro-target your fundraiasing.


Tell your story


Create trust and credibility


Create empathy for your cause


"Go viral" through the social media sharing dynamic

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IndieGoGo crowdfunding
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