If you’re a brand new business owner and looking to market your business, but don’t have the seed money to start doing so, don’t fret.  There are still ways of being able to get the word spread about your business online, it’s just a matter of setting things up for success, and thinking out of the box for new strategies to get brand recognition.  Here are a few of the ideas we’ve seen work well.

Set Up Social Media Pages

Creating social media pages is the number one thing to do on your list of marketing your business for free.  After creating your social media profiles, you are going to want to put the link to your profiles on your website for visitors to easily access to follow you.  After making the pages, you want to fill out any information about your business that you can like the services or products you offer, what location, inviting friends to “like” your business page, and posting links to your website.  In the future, you will be able to do social media marketing to expand your audience to new potential customers.

Tell Your Friends to Share You Business Online with Friends

This one has shown to be a lot of success for small businesses.  For example, you ask your friends on social media to share your business page, and that it would only take 10 friends to make a difference.  Those 10 friends have exposed your business to nearly 5,500 new people (depending on how many friends they each have), and potential new customers/ clients.  We highly recommend trying to do this in the beginning stages of your business endeavors.

Create a Google My Business Listing

Google My Business is a free option to create a listing for your business to show up on Google for location and service.  It’s a great place to get reviews, list your contact information and your website.  It’s the best way to give your competitors a run for their money and show your local availability.

Set Up SEO on Your Website

This one maybe a little more complicated than the other options, but it is possible for you to do it on your own. Start with thinking of keywords you want to rank for in Google and think of some popular variations that your customer might type in.  On your website’s backend, there should be an option to input SEO, or at least be able to download a plugin to input the metadata.  We highly recommend writing Meta Titles, Meta Descriptions, and Meta Keywords for each page and post of your website to start with. 

Create a Promotion for Reviews

This is another way to promote your business locally for free that has proven to be very successful for a lot of businesses.  The idea is to get reviews on your Facebook business page or Google Business Listing.  With each review, it helps your business to rank higher in Google search due to the recent algorithms. One way to get your customers to leave their reviews is to offer a promo of 10% off their next visit to you with a screenshot of their review.  Customers always feel good about saving money, and you will be able to get the ball rolling on getting more attention from potential customers.

If you are willing to spend a little bit of money to get your business set up for more Internet marketing attention, please contact us at Cobalt Creative to help get you on track.

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