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In light of recent world events due to Covid-19, we have had an influx of inquiries regarding if we could help bring their businesses all online so their employees could work remotely.  The good news is that most businesses are capable of being able to run their businesses online, but of course, this is a case by case situation.  

We want to help businesses in navigating the recent quarantine and help the economy.  If you believe your business may be able to move online and keep employees working from home, then contact us to help set it up. 

Here are some ideas of businesses that can go online:

Music Schools

Real Estate

Law Firms


    Accounting Firms




      There are many more types of businesses that could be brought online, but it also has to do with how much trust the employer is willing to give to the employees. We’ve found that employees are usually just as hard-working from home as they are in-office, and tend to appreciate the more free-time from not having a commute. Employees will generally be grateful that they will still have a routine, and an income.   

      There are several routes we can take to set up a business for employees to work remotely, and again, every business needs are different so our recommendations may differ, case by case.  Here are some of the programs we might recommend:

      working from home business

      This messaging platform is still a bit unknown, but a great way to get all of your employees in one place.  This program allows the manager to see when employees are online and working, and be able to communicate at the drop of a hat.  We love Slack because of its sleek design, easy to navigate the platform, and smooth uploads and sharing of documents. The best part is there are 3 different plans to choose from.  The enterprise plan even comes with a HIPAA-compliant message and file collaboration, in case you have medical sensitive files for your company.


      Zoom is an easy integration into Slack, and makes video meetings more professional and sleek.  Employees will be able to create a meeting with a simple command within Slack and can use it within the company to other employees, or send the link to a client for a virtual meeting.


      Step your business into the future by incorporating Twilio. Twilio is a communication program that makes and receives phone calls, sends and receives text messages, and chatting from websites to a business’ customer service rep.  This is great if you are running a business that has a high volume call center, or has many customer service agents.


      Delegate easily with this app integration! Asana makes it so easy to do project management and assigning tasks to different team members.  It makes for very clear and efficient days ahead while ticking a lot of the “to-dos” off the list.

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