Political Campaigns

Cobalt Creative has expertise in providing all aspects of effective marketing services for political campaigns.

Branding and Messaging

Political branding includes logos, slogans, main political highlights, head shots and graphic design style guide.

Your coordinated and consistent brand makes a memorable impression on voters and allows them to quickly understand your political position on important issues.

We can help you develop an impactful political brand and share that professional image across all your public relations and campaigning efforts.


Your website is a powerful and wide-reaching tool to communicate everything that your campaign stands for.

It describes your background, your experience and your political views and beliefs. A compelling website will allow your constituency to understand why they can trust you, support you and vote for you.

A beautiful website will allow voters to understand your rationale for your political positions. It will allow voters to interact with every aspect of your campaign, including donation pages, your event schedule, your email, sign up forms, and more.



Social Media

Social media has changed political campaigning forever.

Facebook and Instagram make it easy to spread the word about your candidacy and quickly develop valuable relationships with your constituency.

 A well-executed social media effort will build interactive relationships with voters, allow you to understand their concerns, allow you to interact one-on-one or with a wide audience.

Facebook and Instagram also make it easy to micro-target your advertising to specific demographics and geographic areas.


    Digital Fundraising

    Digital fundraising is far more effective than traditional forms of fundraising.

    Digital fundraising is about using your website and social media platforms in an integrated way to reach wide audiences, spark engagement, and grow your donation opportunities

    We will implement premium payment processing and politely ask donors to cover the small processing fee.



    Campaign Supporters

    Building a team of enthusiastic campaign supporters is key to a successful political campaign.

    We will use your social media sites and advertising to quickly increase your followers.

    We will use online petition tools like Care2 to promote issues important to you. This will help you gain supporters who are specifically interested in an issue you represent.

    Once you have a base of supporters, we will create an fully automated email “drip” campaign to keep your supporters engaged. This is a great way to encourage your supporters to donate, volunteer, and get out the vote for you on Election Day.


    Digital Advertising

    Digital advertising is cost-effective, and is precisely targeted to reach your ideal demographic and geographic area.

    Facebook, Instagram and Google advertising is quick to implement, easy to manage and inexpensive as compared to TV, radio and newspaper advertising.

    Digital advertising provides powerful analytics to show who is responding and how to quickly optimize the ad content and the target audience.

     Digital advertising is scalable and flexible and can work for any size political campaign.

    Direct Mail

    Direct mail is a proven way to build name awareness, build credibility and make a good first impression.

     Beautifully designed, brand consistent postcards with a simple message communicate sophistication and quickly grab people’s attention.

     The right political mailing list is key to an effective direct mail campaign.

     Wholesale pricing for printing helps control costs.



    Email and Texting Outreach

    Building a valid email list is vitally important to getting your message out and engaging with your supporters. However, to avoid being considered spam, such a list must consist of people who have agreed to receive your emails.

     A carefully crafted and automated “drip” email campaign is an excellent way to build enthusiasm for your campaign positions among your supporters.

    Email is a personal and persuave way to engage with supporters and interested voters.

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