While we believe that some businesses don’t need to be on every single social media platform ever made, we do see the value in having it for any and all small businesses.  Social media is so important for a small business in today’s age, and in some cases, can be the make or break of a business.  Still not convinced?  Here are just some of the examples of how it can help.

Increase Brand Visibility

This can be done multiple ways with social media, and the first thing you will probably want to do is to get your business name out there by posting, and creating a follower campaign.  The surest way to get followers is to pay the platform for the promotion of your page for followers so that people will know that you’re a real company.  Another way it increases your brand visibility is by helping out your business’s SEO rankings.  When you create a page and have it linked on your website, it is crawled by the search engines, and usually, it will have all of the linked social media profiles listed under your website, rather than your competitors.  

Build Customer Trust

Social media marketing is all about creating a dialogue with your customers, and showing them that you are there to help them.  By having a social media presence, it can increase your conversion rate, and brand loyalty just by default of communicating on a regular basis with your audience.  Create a marketing plan that clearly demonstrates what makes your brand unique and to get people to be as excited as to get involved with your business.  Think about the tone you want to have as your brand voice, whether funny or urgent and try to keep consistent.  

Increase Engagement with Customers

You could make updates on your blogs, or send out news or announcements in your email newsletters, but you may be missing out on a huge audience that is sitting right in front of you, and not checking your website or on your email list.  This also helps in that if you post a link on your social media to your latest blog post or website page, it can help increase traffic to your website.  There are so many possibilities with social media to increase your engagement, it is up to you to decide whether you want to send people to your website, engage with your post, share your social media page, or even just follow you.  All it takes is a small budget and set a defined amount of time to run a promotion with the goal of engaging customers with a post or business page.

Target Your Ideal Customer

There are said to be 3.5 billion people using social media today, and that number is growing. One of the most valuable reasons for your business to have a social media presence is the ability to target your ideal customer, and one way we can do that is through social media marketing. The targeting can get as defined as where the audience lives, what their hobbies may be, and what the person may be interested in.  Creating a target audience will help you to see if your target market is actually interested in what you are selling and willing to participate in your brand’s growth.

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