Digital marketers have become more important over recent years to all companies and brand representation. But what exactly is a digital marketer, and what do they do?  The answer: they juggle a lot of Internet Marketing aspects of a company, and they can work in-house for the company directly, or for an Internet Marketing agency.  This job requires a lot of different hats to wear and often has to learn how to use new programs to do his or her job well. 

What is a Digital Marketer?

A digital marketer will most likely take on a brand’s image online via social media platforms, search engines, paid campaigns, and emails.  They are usually dividing their time between analyzing what has worked and strategizing their next moves to create new customers, and create positive brand recognition. They also will need to know how to use programs and software that can help schedule campaigns ahead of time, and since the technology for each aspect of digital marketing is always updating, there are always new things to learn.

What does a digital marketer do on a normal day?

The digital marketer is likely to get pulled in many different directions when it comes to their normal day, and there is always work for them to do.  Here are just a few things they have to cover in a normal workweek:

  • Check Analytics like Google Analytics, Moz, or SEMRush to monitor site health.
  • Develop New Strategies for SEO, Content, Social Media, Email, and Paid Campaigns.
  • Track Conversions, and Customer Behaviors.
  • Integrate other marketing campaigns, like off-line marketing campaigns.
  • Work with other departments of a company like HR, customer service, and news to create new content ideas.
  • Create content and digital designs for social media and email marketing.
  • Create reports for managers and owners to review to track progress.

What are Some Challenges a Digital Marketer Can Face?

The digital marketer can face a lot of challenges, most of which could be if they have no help, whereas a digital marketing company will have someone on staff that has a specific strength and expertise to deal with the issues that come up.  Here are some problems the digital marketer may face when working in-house for a company:

  • Being stretched too thin. There are a lot of time-consuming aspects of digital marketing, like writing and graphic design, so they may need to hire someone to help.
  • Can’t focus on one aspect to be an expert in.  This falls into the category of having to juggle so many different things that they cannot fully become focused on the SEO or Social Media strategy, because they also have to account for the other things that need to get done.
  • They may not have all the tools needed. An Internet Marketing company understands the needs of all the software to track progress, and do things like Keyword Research, track rankings, schedule social media posts, create optimized Facebook ads, and track the data of the leads coming to the sites.

Our recommendation is that every company should have a digital marketer helping them, and guiding them on the right track.  It may be too much for you to hire someone in-house, but if you decide you want to take your business to the next level, contact us at Cobalt Creative, and we will work with your budget and goals.

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