Once your website is ready to go, and you have all the social media platform profiles made that you want your business to be on, the next step is to market yourself.  The good news is that social media has made it fairly easy to market your business and share your page with millions of potential customers.  The bad news is that this might take up a bit of your time, and will take some testing to see which type of promotions work best for your audience in order to create more conversions.

Link to Your Site

The number one thing you will want to do to market your business is to link any social media profiles to your website, and then vice versa.  After confirming those links, you will want to start making postings on your profiles that include a link to your website.  This could be a simple post on your Facebook page saying, “Get 10% off at checkout when using the promo code FACEBOOK!” and put a link to your website. You will have to know how to create a promo code on your website’s checkout in order to do this, but this is a great example of creating some “buzz” around your brand on social media.  

Make a Posting Schedule

Take some time and make a list of all the major holidays and then look up some obscure holidays you may be able to relate your business to.  For example, if you own a bait and tackle shop, then you would definitely want to have some time to post for National Fishing Day! After making a list of the holidays you want to post, go ahead and create a calendar for your posting schedule, and set reminders.  Now start working on the content so it will be ready to go on your social media. Another great idea is to pay for a subscription to either Sprout Social or Sendible, so you can link it to your social media, schedule posts out days, weeks, even months in advance, and not have to worry about it.

Create Graphics for Social Media

This one is kind of tricky for people who do not have advanced computer skills.  You may have hired an in-house graphic designer, or outsourced to a freelance graphic design expert.  There is also the option to use Canva, which has many free templates to create graphics and are already perfectly sized for different social media platforms.  You just change the texts, photos, and insert your logo, and you’re good to download!  Once you’ve downloaded then you would either make your posting with it on the actual page of the platform (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc), or you would go into your Sprout Social or Sendible app and schedule it out.

Pay for Promotions

Paying for promoting your business on social media is one of the most popular ways to gain brand recognition.  There are different objectives to get out of a paid social media ad, including getting more followers, more web traffic, or more conversions.  There are a bunch of different strategies to take, but a popular one, to begin with, is to get people to “like” your business or to follow you.  This will signal that you are a trusted brand, and you give quality work/ products.  

With these four steps to market your business on social media, you’re bound for success.  If you don’t feel confident enough in your ability to set your business’s social media up, please feel free to contact us today to help with your social media marketing.


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