Digital marketing is not going anywhere and is one of the most important factors of a small business making it in today’s world.  For a business to survive, it needs to go against not only competition but usually ends up having to go against big corporations.  And what is the surest way to get in front of potential customers? The Internet.  Here are some of the reasons why digital marketing is important for your business to thrive in today’s economy.

Why Digital Marketing is Important

Brand Recognition 

Digital marketing is a guaranteed way of promoting your business as a “brand”, and to be put in front of an audience who didn’t know they were looking for you.  You are able to control the direction you want to go in with your brand voice, and how you want to be viewed.  Does your brand have a light-hearted and funny approach, or does it have a serious and urgent tone?  These are things you can do for brand recognition in digital marketing.

Target a Market

One of the most important reasons to get started with a digital marketing strategy would be that you have the capabilities to target specific people and interests. This starts with SEO and content on the website, paid advertising with Google Adwords, and social media paid campaigns for more exposure.  You are capable of creating the perimeters of the type of customers you think would like your products or service, and marketing to them, rather than wasting money on marketing to someone of the opposite end of your target market.

Best ROI

This depends on your business and the area that it does best in for its digital marketing strategy.  For example, you may have an audience that seems to respond very well to your email marketing campaigns.  So that would be an area of a digital marketing strategy to focus more on than a Facebook campaign that has not led to any customers or subscribers. 

Advanced Analytics 

This really is one of the more important aspects of why digital marketing is so valuable: the data. The analytics you can get in today’s internet marketing world is priceless, and many companies are fighting over data for this very reason. They can market the very specific things you want or need.  You might align exactly with a company’s mission and purchase something from them.


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