Internet marketing comprises many different aspects of marketing a business’s website, but one of the more misunderstood aspects is the world of SEO.  SEO is typically confused with paid advertising with Google, and PPC, but SEO is not this (it’s SEM, tbh). SEO is a collective of efforts both on-page and off-page in order to gain more organic traffic and higher rankings in Google search for specifically related keywords. Let’s review what SEO actually encompasses:

What is SEO in Marketing?

On-Page SEO

On-page SEO is simply techniques used to help the health of the website that follows Google’s guidelines, and it starts with a site audit.  By following the guidelines, your website essentially signals to Google that your website is the real deal and is relative to the keywords you are targeting.  On-page SEO consists of filling in metadata and meta tags, schema tags, page speed, 404-page monitoring, 301-redirect monitoring, interlinking, and submission of sitemap to Google.  All of this done well in conjunction with Content Marketing, a website will take 3-6 months to start ranking for targeted keywords.

Off-Page SEO

Off-page SEO is another technique that is a possibility in the realm of SEO.  Off-page SEO consists of finding backlinks, which is a form of having another website, or news outlet, refer and link to your website.  This is a very time-consuming project, and the person leading it will need help by having programs like BuzzSumo or Ahrefs to help.  This tactic can help with creating trust in Google and gaining a higher domain authority, which in turn, creates more attention and traction of organic and direct traffic.

Content Marketing

Content marketing starts with keyword research and choosing keywords you think your target market will use, and starting to put it in your website’s content on the pages.  Then the next step is to create a list of topics and assign a keyword that is relevant to the business, and either hire a professional SEO writer or try to do it yourself.  We recommend posting 1-2 blogs per week at the beginning of your content marketing strategy.  These blog postings will create the perfect opportunity to intertwine with a social media marketing strategy and create the perfect opportunity to expose your blogs to the world and your target audience.  

If you are wanting to create more of an organic presence with your website and a more long term way of attracting traffic, please contact us at Cobalt Creative Co to get your website’s SEO up to date.


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