If you are running a business in today’s world, the chances of having the term social media marketing in your vocabulary are probably very high.  Every business needs some sort of online presence, and having some knowledge of social media and how you can use it to leverage your business can only help you get ahead.  But what does it take to do social media marketing?  A strategy, creativity, and a budget.  

Creating a Brand Voice and Vision

This falls into the category of strategizing.  In this beginning stage of social media marketing, you’re going to want to take a moment to envision what your brand voice is going to sound like.  Do you believe your brand has an urgent message and need people’s attention now to donate to your nonprofit or get involved with your cause? Do you think you are able to have a sense of humor with your brand and not take yourself too seriously? After deciding the direction of your brand voice, you’ll want to strategize what you can use for content updates on your social media profiles.  Will you be able to update the news frequently?  Can you create graphics on your own, or will you plan ahead and hire someone to create graphics for you?  After making these decisions, the next step is to create a content calendar.  This can include obscure holidays that relate to your business, and creating blog posts and schedule them to be posted days, weeks or even months ahead.

Creating the Content to Share

This may be the one effort of your social media marketing campaigns that you want to contract out for.  This is where you will want professional designers, and writers to create the content for your blog, otherwise, you will be working every minute of the day to try to keep up with creating content.   This also includes creating a content strategy with a keyword research plan in place and targeting specific keywords that you are looking to ranking for.  You want to create content that has to do with your brand and your brand’s goals.  Take a look at the possibilities of where you and your brand might reach the most people and what type of content would that take?  Is it on YouTube with videos, is it on Facebook with blog posts, or is it on Instagram with photos?

Creating a Budget

The next step in the social media marketing strategy is to create a budget and what your objectives are going to be for your first ad spend.  Facebook would be the best place to get started and is usually the starting point for everyone.  This is also a great option because Facebook owns Instagram and if you have a profile set up on Instagram and linked to your Facebook business page, you can easily create an ad that will show on both Facebook and Instagram.  If you don’t have a lot of money to start with, it will be ok to start small, and then scale up when you grow.  The point is to get your brand out there and recognized, and possibly make some sales.

And now you know how to get started in doing your own social media marketing efforts in the beginning stages.  If you are still unsure or unable to take on the social media marketing aspect of your business, then reach out to Cobalt Creative to get you set up for success.

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