As we enter the decade of the 2020s, it is absolutely necessary for your business to have some form of social media presence.  And we don’t mean just making a Facebook page, and forgetting about it.  We’ve heard all of the excuses, even the “I don’t understand it, so we don’t  think it will be useful.”  Social media marketing is incredibly valuable, and each of the social media platforms is valuable for different reasons.  But the biggest value that comes from social media marketing and is the most imperative when it comes to your business’s growth. But what is social media marketing? Let’s explore.

Social Media Marketing 101: What is it?

Social media marketing falls under the umbrella of Internet Marketing that is the idea of creating and sharing useful and important content related to the company’s social media profile.  The purpose of social media marketing is to create an audience, gain attention to your brand, and bring more traffic to your website.  The ultimate goal with social media marketing, other than to get your brand buzzing, is to bring potential customers or clients to your page and website.

Some businesses have no social media presence, and we’ve found that most people running small businesses say that they just don’t have the time to do the updates for social media, so we’ve decided to create a short and educational article to help you understand what goes into social media marketing.

Social Media Calendar

This is pretty much top of the list when it comes to having a social media marketing plan. Creating a calendar will give you ideas of what you can post about, and what your brand can relate to, such as obscure trending holidays like #InternationalPeaceDay for a nonprofit would benefit from. It will also benefit your business to create a posting plan, in which a lot of companies will hire a digital marketing company like Cobalt Creative Co., and have the postings scheduled out weeks to months in advance.

Having a Content Marketing Plan

This is a big one for the Internet Marketing world, in general. We’re sure everyone has told you the content is key when it comes to getting organic traffic.  The truth is, it wouldn’t be anything without social media marketing.  And it’s also a great way to have people come to your website. It’s a symbiotic relationship, because of the content you have on your site, you can share to your business’s social media and have actual content to share.  

Social Media Promotions and Ads

Every business has to spend money on promotions or ads at some point for their social media pages.  You probably want to do a promotion early on, especially for Facebook, so that you have an audience to share your postings and updates to.  After creating a good following, you may want to go into boosting a post you created that links back to your website.  Facebook is a good platform for this because you can create an audience that exactly fits your target market, and they are more likely to not only follow you but share the content you just promoted to them.

Social media marketing is vast and infinite, and that’s why we love working with it.  It can take a lot of time to get set up, but once you can work it into your routine, it becomes very simple.  If you find this aspect of running your business too overwhelming, please contact us today, we would love to help.