Web development is the industry of creating and maintaining websites by web developers. There are a few types of web developers, including front-end web developers, back-end developers, and a full-stack developer. To put it more broadly, web developers use coding languages, such as HTML, CSS, and Javascript, to build a website and/or an application. But what does that mean exactly?

What does a Web Developer Do?

A web developer, sometimes called a programmer or coder, is an expert in their field that will take the web design, which is usually designed by the client or design team, and turn it into a functional website. This is done by typing and writing lines and lines of code and can use a variety of different programming languages.  To put it into simple terms, the job of a web developer is to take the language of English and translate it into terms for the Internet and computers to understand. This can take a lot of time and effort to test for the best outcome and is a different process for each of the 3 different web developers.

Front-End Web Developer

Front-end web developers can be best described as the “front-facing” developers, meaning they use languages that help dress up the website and its functionality.  So what you see when you go to a website as a visitor, that would have been created by a front-end developer.

Back-End Developer

Back-end developers will be the ones who are responsible for the infrastructure that is used to keep the website running smoothly.  They are usually in charge of dealing with the server-side and have to write the code that creates the programs to keep the infrastructure running.  The infrastructure can include things like the database, server scripts, and API’s.

Full-Stack Web Web Developer

A full-stack web developer is a 2-in-1 developer.  With a full-stack developer, they know how to do both the front-end and back-end side of web development. These developers are often going to be paid more and hired more often since they are capable of doing both of the other developer’s job.

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