SEO stands for search engine optimization, and encompasses several different tricks to get your website to rank organically in Google searches.  It’s a very time-consuming and tedious task in the digital marketing world, and it also takes a great deal of planning and strategizing, which is why many business owners hire us to take over the SEO for them. But what are some of these tasks we have to do when it comes to SEO?

SEO in a Nutshell

SEO is optimizing a business website with deliberate content and keywords, and auditing the site’s health to rank higher in Google’s search results.  This all helps with the intention of gaining more attention, and organic traffic to turn into customers or clients. Whatever the reason, each case with more organic traffic leads to higher rankings in Google.  Here are some of the strategies used by an SEO manager to get you ranking higher:

Content Marketing

Content marketing consists of a lot of strategy, and has several steps to a successful content marketing campaign.  The first step is to complete a keyword research, and choose different popular keywords that have to do with your service or products.  Then include these keywords naturally throughout your site, and landing pages. Then create a long-standing list of blog article titles that an SEO content writer or SEO manager can write, and make one article live on the site 1-3 times per week. This is a very time-consuming part of SEO, which is why a lot of businesses will hire an SEO consultant or an Internet Marketing company to take over.


Link-building is one of the more difficult strategies in the SEO realm, and will take a lot of time for what may be very little reward.  Link-building is the effort of getting an out-bound link, meaning it is a link to your website on another site. The trick is to get a do-follow link on a high authority website, although that is becoming more and more difficult to come across, and the best course of action is to have it done naturally.  This would mean that your service or product would have to be so popular that people would naturally review it on their websites, or you could pay for affiliate links. It’s become a tricky line to dance on, and is important in the SEO world, it is also not the end of the world to not have many outbound links.  We don’t recommend paying for links because then you are more likely to have Spam websites linking to your website, and that actually hurts your SEO in the long run.

On-Site SEO

You may have heard of the term “On-site SEO”, and wonder what exactly that means.  On-site SEO encompasses several different things that are done to a website to make it the most search engine optimized it can be. The first step would be for a SEO manager to complete an audit on the assigned website.  With the findings from the audit, the next step would be to fix the issues found which could include meta titles, meta descriptions, meta keywords, header tags, linking with social media, inner-linking, site speed, alt-tags, and 404 error pages for 301 redirects.  This job isn’t for beginner SEO-ers, so it would be wise to find a professional.

The conclusion of this condensed version of what SEO entails is a great starting point to understanding the basics.  If you are feeling like you can’t handle this aspect of your company’s website, please contact us today.

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