Sometimes we need to take it to the basics in order to explain the steps after.  If you are one of the millions of business owners that are struggling with the idea of getting your business in social media, don’t fret.  We’re here to help you decide what are the best platforms for your business to be on, and get you on the most successful path. Here are a few of the different choices for you to try.


Facebook is the o.g. of all the platforms for businesses to use.  This one should be the one you start with. Go onto Facebook, log into your personal account (if you don’t have one, create one), and then go to your sidebar on the home feed.  There should be a tab titled, “Pages” and click on it to create your new business page. Facebook will take you step by step of all the information to fill out, and you can upload your logo as the profile photo. 

Facebook is the standard choice and will work with any type of business to have a Facebook page.  You can create events, make updates about your business, create campaigns to get new clients, and post links to content on your website.  It’s fairly easy to navigate, and to have people follow.


Twitter is another platform that every business should claim their business name on. It’s an easy platform to communicate with possible new customers, and get your brand better known for trust.  To start, just simply sign up with Twitter, put your Company’s Name, and link the profile to your website. Make sure to tweet about your company for your first tweet, and you may want to look into using bitly to be able to shorten links for your future tweets.  Again, you would want to use your logo as your profile photo, and your cover photos should be a photo used on the homepage of your website.


Instagram is a little different than the first two platforms.  It is a visual platform, and it would make sense if your company was visually soothing, and could document with photos and videos.  It might be a bit difficult for business that does customer service calls to have an Instagram, because there might not be a whole lot of opportunity for good, quality photos to be posted.  But if you have a storefront boutique, and want to share new items that were added to your collection, Instagram would be perfect for you. The number one thing we love about Instagram is the fact that you can display your website right on your profile, and you can see how many people visit your profile if you create a Business Profile.


LinkedIn is not always a high priority for small businesses to create a profile on, but we actually recommend doing this for most types of businesses.  On LinkedIn, the goal is to connect and network with more people, not only in your industry, but also in your community. This is a great way to create a company page and show the business world what you stand for, and to attract like-minded individuals who believe in your goals.  Not everyone will want to add this platform under their social media belt, and we understand that.


Pinterest is really great in terms of creating more brand awareness.  It’s a great platform to use especially if you are in the crafty or decor design realm.  Either way, Pinterest has a great business opportunity of getting your brand boosted, and this will vary from business to business if Pinterest is an appropriate route.  


So there you have it, just a couple of options of where to start when it comes to social media, and getting a presence on the different platforms.  If you find this a little overwhelming, please reach out to us. We are here to help in any way we can.

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